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Friday, March 14, 2014

Gold Fringe Banner with Chalkboard Pennants

We've had a relaxing Spring Break at home this week, with plenty of time for a few fun projects around the house.  One of those projects was this gold fringe chalkboard banner we added to Abby's teen girl Disney room.  This would be so fun for parties, and since the pennants are mini chalkboards, the messages can be changed to whatever you want!

We made this one in less than an hour and for just a few dollars.  All you need for the fringe banner is  some cording cut to the length you want the banner, and some gold tissue paper.

You'll need a double layer of tissue, laid end to end lengthwise to get the length you want.  We used 6 pieces of tissue for our 70" banner.

To construct the banner, place the cording across the middle of the open tissue paper, leaving several inches past each end for hanging later.  Squeeze a thin layer of hot glue across the paper, and then fold the first layer of tissue over the glue and cording, pressing it firmly.

Repeat with the second layer of tissue.

Next, move down the cording and repeat the process on the next section of tissue, overlapping the pieces slightly at the seam.

Once the tissue is securely glued all the way across, cut the fringe up to the glued area in approximately 3/4 inch strips, being careful to cut all 4 layers together.

For the chalkboard pennants, cut your desired number of pennants from (my favorite) smooth black poster board.  Read more about this here.

Abby cut the poster board to approximately 4"x 5.5" pieces.

To hang the pennants, use a thin twine or cording with some mini clothespins.  I usually buy mine from Hobby Lobby, but you can also find them here.

Then, chalk out your message...

Clip the pennants to the twine and tie the twine securely to the fringe banner.

That's it!  I hope you can use this for your own parties and décor. The variations and possibilities are endless!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dollar Store Disney Gallery Wall for a Teen Girl's Room

My daughter, Abby, is a Disney fan.  And that's actually an understatement of epic proportions.  

That's her in her favorite place, smiling from Minnie ear to Minnie ear, hitching a ride on her brother's back.

If you love Disney, you have a friend in Abby.  So, I wasn't surprised when she recently told me she wanted to update her room in Disney style.  

I really did hate to see the butterfly tree go (remember when I posted about it way back here?)

But, we replaced it with a gallery wall of Disney silhouettes, and I think it suits Abby to a "T".

I can't really take too much credit for this, since I all I did was give Abby the idea.  She was the one who did all the work.

We found these perfect plain gold frames at the Dollar Tree, so that saved us the step of gold spray painting.

And Abby was the one who searched online for the silhouettes and then cut out each one meticulously from black card stock with an X-acto knife (she's good).  And the patterned scrapbook paper made for a background that's practically perfect in every way.

The whole gallery wall was less than $15 since it was all just paper and frames.  And I've already bought enough of these frames for another gallery wall, too.  Because you can never have enough gallery walls, right?

While I've never been the type that loves mass-produced character décor for my kids' rooms, I do love a cute theme displayed creatively throughout a space.  Abby has done most of the decorating in this room herself, and I love that it really reflects her personality.

 Her Pez collection adds a great punch of color.

And her favorite princes have their own shelf, as well. 

As you may have guessed, Peter Pan is her favorite.  Remember her Peter Pan skirt from last summer?  I told you she's crazy about Disney.   And I'm pretty crazy about her.

Stay tuned for one more little project we just did for this room coming soon.  And for more posts about Abby's room, click here.

TDC Before and After

Monday, November 14, 2011

Because Life's Too Short to Paint Everything White

I'll admit it took some courage to take the plunge & just go for it last January when I first discovered the Color of Fun & used it on a piece in the game room. But, I did it, & it has turned out to be one of my favorite pieces in the house. It just makes me smile. And it's been a reader favorite as well. I've seen it featured here and there & get pinned to Pinterest now and then. And with all that exposure has come a few critics. And that's okay. I've learned that's the price of being bold.

But the funny thing about being bold is that once you've done it, it gives you the nerve to be bold again. And then you'll find yourself doing things like choosing to paint an armoire the Color of Fun, rather than just cautious white.

And then you might even find that the Festival Green was so fun, you'll give it a dose of Aquarium to go with it. Kinda like I did for this piece for my daughter's closet recently.

{Aquarium by Sherwin Williams}

And once you've tasted eclecticism, you might start trying even more daring things like using 3 different kinds of hardware on the same piece.

{Hardware by Anthropologie & Hobby Lobby}

So, the message for the day is "Lose your fear to be bold." Let the critics say what they will. Don't miss out on the fun that comes with being bold because you're hiding behind your white. Remember the Golden Rule of Decorating: Do unto your home what works for you. (Nevermind that I just made that up--it's still true!) If you really love some thing or some color, find a way to work it into your space--even if it's going to stay in the closet.

And if white is what you love, go with it. But don't let it be because you're scared of bold.

How have you been bold lately?

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Smucker's Hot Fudge & Sassy Throw Pillows...Work With Me

I was going to play a game of "Guess the Odd Item I Used When Making This Pillow", but I decided to skip it this time and just get to the point. It was Smucker's Hot Fudge.

Although, the actual fudge was only for a quick chocolate fix while working. It was the lid that made the cut as a key element for this pillow I made for Abby's new room.

When I was coming up with a design for her striped pillow, it took a few minutes of brainstorming (Denise was here helping me that day), but we realized what it needed was a big covered button in the middle. And because we didn't want to waste any time shopping for an actual button, I shopped the pantry. Hence, the Smucker's Hot Fudge.

To create a button form, I used a nail to punch 2 holes, then threaded several strands of very strong thread thru the holes. This is an important step. If you make one of these, make sure you use several long lengths of thread for this part. You'll also need an upholstery or embroidery needle with a large eye to thread them through later.

Next, choose the fabric to cover the button, (my fabric was thin, so I used 2 layers), and sew the edges together on the back, pulling the fabric tightly around the button. A very important part of this step is to keep your long threads out of the way and centered on the back. It's best to have a helper hold them up straight for you while you sew on the fabric.

After that, you're ready to attach it to the pillow. Since I wanted it tufted a little bit, I used another button on the back of the pillow to serve as an anchor to hold it together. To sew the covered button on, thread your long, strong threads thru the large-eyed needle I mentioned and sew thru to the other button. Your helper can press the pillow down while you make the stitches. Make sure to go thru the pillow several times and then tie it off well when you're done.

That's it for the button pillow! If you liked the corsage flower pillow, see this tutorial for the general instructions for how to make the flower. I used this basic concept on a larger scale, then just tacked it onto the pillow I had made.

Thanks for all the nice comments on Abby's new room and all its elements. That's all for tutorials I'll be posting about her room, but if you have other questions about things I didn't explain, feel free to ask and I'll try to help!